Monday, August 27, 2007

Upriver from Town

It is impossible to get a good picture on the Kinni, especially with an eight-year-old navigator running the other paddle. When the good shots arise, the water is flowing too quickly; when the water is deep and calm, there's nothing but green. Don't get me wrong, green is nice. It is probably the color we midwesterners take for granted, because we got a ton of it. Crops are green, trees are green, and most of our planted plants are mostly green. It's the other colors we have a shortage of. Some gorgeous reds and oranges along the river today, but they were to be found exclusively by rapids. I do have some pictures, but they suck.
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Rambling Round said...

I like this shot with the paddle in the air...shows action!

Hyde DP said...

personally I prefer greens and blues to reds anyday but I'm sure you'll show all your colours in due course.

Anonymous said...

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