Monday, October 1, 2007

Bonus-Cliff Mine

Perhaps one of the best places for true cemetery afficianados---the Cliff Mine Cemetery up in northern Michigan. No people around, a hike to get here, and, once done looking at the stones, rock piles to go hunt for native copper. Beautiful!
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R&R said...

The Copper Country is beautiful, and it looks like a cool old cemetery. Both posts are great!

Janet said...

What a neat find after a hike!

Jilly said...

Looks like it's just wonderful.

Kim said...

Wow, you had to get out there for this one! I agree with you about the tranquil nature. I poke about in cemeteries a lot for historical research, and its amazing and inspiring what we find there. So many children, and every marker tells too brief a tale of anyone's lifetime. That dash between dates, even for a child, covers a lot of territory.
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Lynette said...

Nice destination for a hike, especially with theme day in mind.